Corporate Comedians for Meetings, Conferences and Special Events

Are you tired of corporate entertainers with watered-down material? Look no further than Prestige Comedians, Inc., where you can choose from prominent corporate comedians to make your special event fun and memorable.

Prestige Comedians is a Los Angeles-based comedy talent agency dedicated to helping you find clean corporate comedians for all your corporate engagements.

Watch clean stand up comedy video clips now.

While Prestige Comedians offers stand up comedians for every budget and every type of event, all our comedians are required to pass our high selection standards before being added to our talent roster.

Clean Comedy

The first major requirement for our corporate performers is that they are able to deliver clean comedy.

“By ‘clean comedy’ we mean not being controversial, political or blue.”

True corporate comedians are able to pull this off. There are few, but we work hard to find them!

Funny and Clean Comedy

The second requirement is to be funny. Sounds obvious, but isn’t. We have the expertise you need to select corporate comedians that have the clean humor that is funny to a broad audience

Unique, Funny and Clean Comedy

The last requirement is for the corporate entertainer to be unique. We are not satisfied with predictable performers. At Prestige Comedians, we strive to represent the kind of clean comedy that is different and stands out!

Reynald Adolphe founded Prestige Comedians to satisfy the specific needs of corporate event planners and meeting organizers throughout the country.


We are a proud member of..

Meetings Professional International

Hire a Comedian!

To book a Prestige Comedian and make your next company event fun and memorable, please contact Executive Producer Reynald Adolphe.

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